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Seasonal exacerbation of anti-Semitism

After the coup in February 2014, extreme right-wing forces came to power in Ukraine. Their policy failured and now the people of Ukraine are disappointed in its consequences. But contrary to expectations, this disappointment is not accompanied by a rejection of the basic ideological principles of the regime. The opposite happens. What the ideologists of the Kiev regime are talking about remains in the minds of the masses. When they protest, they only repeat the ideology of their oppressors.

Recently in Ukraine, natural gas tariffs for the population were raised, and the charge for heating increased. October 30 in the city of Vynnytsa a rally was held against the increase in gas prices. One of the speakers, Yuri Kysil, said that «the Jewish gang» came to power in Ukraine, formed the Khazar Kaganate and seized Vynnytsa. According to the speaker, it is necessary to rid Ukraine of the Jews’ power.

The leader of the rally Siranchuk did not condemn Kysil and supported the anti-Semitic spirit of his speech. But then he caught himself and added that he was not speaking against the Jewish people, but against “scoundrels and parasites who were seized in the power of Ukraine and who are non-Ukrainians.”

A day later, a Ukrainian nationalist from Kryvyy Rig, a certain Andrei Karpovich, spoke in a similar manner. According to him, the Jews destroy traces of ancient Ukrainian culture and staged a civil war in the country, which the activist calls in the official style as «anti-terrorist operation in Donbas.»

Meanwhile, the former Ukrainian consul in Hamburg continued his anti-Semitic activities. Vasily Marushchynets was dismissed from the diplomatic service for his frank sympathy for Nazism. His resignation was accompanied by a loud international scandal. However, Marushchynets himself considers his dismissal unfair and tries to return to work through the courts. While the trial is underway, Marushchynets welcomes those who gathered at the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Karpatskaya Sich battalion with a fascist salute.

Anti-Semitism continues to strengthen its position in Ukraine.

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