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Donbas prepares for elections with arrests

In November, the Donetsk People’s Republic must elect a new head of state. However, the preparation for the elections is rather peculiar and contradicts the word “People’s” in the name of the republic. The lead candidate is determined in advance. He is Denis Pushilin. And all attempts to nominate worthy alternative candidates are nipped in the bud. The Communists of Donbas are among the victims of these staged elections. In 2014 they played an important role in the victory of the uprising, the holding of a referendum and the formation of the DPR. But these merits now have no meaning.

At the very beginning of the election campaign at the congress of the Communist Party of the Donetsk Republic an explosion occurred. The organizers of the explosion were not found. In early November, the Communists decided to hold a rally against the non-alternative elections for the head of state. The rally was planned on Saturday, November 3 at 12:00 pm in the square named after Lenin. According to eyewitnesses, in response, the Ministry of State Security of the DPR conducted a whole special operation to disperse the rally. The organizer of the rally, deputy of the Supreme Council of the DPR, Alexander Smekalin was arrested.

The fact that Alexander Smekalin was arrested shortly before the planned event, one of the organizers of the rally, Andrei Safronov, said on his Facebook page. He claims that Smekalin was arrested by employees of the department for combating organized crime on the personal order of the Minister of the Interior Dikiy. He also noted that the deputy was arrested in the apartment of his friends. «This suggests preliminary surveillance,» Safronov said. There is no official information on this incident. State authorities are silent.

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