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The day of collective madness

On October 4, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted three scandalous decisions.

First of all, the greeting of the Ukrainian fascists was introduced in the Kiev-controlled army and police. Now senior military and police officers should greet their subordinates with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”, and those in response should say “Glory to the heroes!”. This greeting was used by the Ukrainian fascists during the Second World War. The proposal was supported by 271 deputies from total number of 423.

On the same day, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine submitted a proposal to the National Security and Defense Council to impose sanctions against the television channels NewsOne and 112 Ukraine. The proposal was supported by 229 deputies. They argue that both TV channels conduct ‘anti-Ukrainian activities’. The head of parliament, Andrei Paruby, known for his membership in the Nazi parties, said information security of the state is in danger.

The sanctions include a number of restrictions, including the licenses deprivation, a ban on the use of radio frequencies, as well as assets blocking. As a result, both TV channels can be closed.

Both channels are known for giving the floor to moderate opposition politicians. Ukrainian nationalists consider such an information policy as a betrayal of national interests. In addition, President Poroshenko is interested in closing these channels in order to increase his chances of winning in future presidential elections. According to strategists from the presidential administration, total control over television will allow him to stay in power. The next presidential election should be held in Ukraine in the spring of 2019.

Finally, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in its first reading a bill on total forced Ukrainization. As is known, about half of the Ukrainian population does not use Ukrainian language, preferring the Russian language.

The draft law provides for total Ukrainization in the media, culture, education, health care and consumer services. Thus, it will be possible to speak only Ukrainian in the TV channels, and if a guest wishes to speak Russian or another language, the channel must provide simultaneous translation of his words into Ukrainian. All online media should have a full Ukrainian version, and it should be shown to the visitor by default. Newspapers and magazines will also have to be published in Ukrainian: versions in other languages are permitted, but only if their circulation does not exceed the circulation of the Ukrainian version.

Even the management of concerts and other public events can be carried out only in Ukrainian. If the speakers do not speak Ukrainian, the organizers are obliged to provide a translator. Theater performances in other languages must be provided with subtitles.

Ukrainian language becomes mandatory in the service sector. All menus, catalogs (including electronic), price tags and so on should be made out in Ukrainian. The staff must communicate to customers also in the state language. Service in other languages is allowed only with the mutual consent of the client and the attendants.

Sanctions are provided for non-observance of the law: so, imprisonment for up to three years is provided for neglect of the Ukrainian language. For legal entities fines are provided.

261 deputies voted for the bill.

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