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Kiev controlled Nazis attack journalists

Arrogant attacks on journalists continue in Ukraine. For the second time this autumn in the very center of Kiev, Nazis attacked a correspondent of the opposition television channel Newsone.

On the morning of October 10, journalist Anastasia Pshenichnaya reported on a protest action organized by the Nazi group C-14. During the shooting, “two unknown, masked men ran up behind me and poured me and my operator with an unknown white substance and ran on,” Pshenichnaya says. According to her, the police immediately detained them. However, other Nazis began to resist and defend their colleagues. “In the end, the attackers broke away and ran in an unknown direction,” the journalist said.

Later on Facebook, C14 showed a photo of a young man who attacked a journalist. Nationalists said that he poured over Anastasia kefir. According to them, he was detained, but already released from the police.

The previous attack on journalist from Newsone was much more aggressive. In September, journalist Darina Bilera, who was performing her professional duties, was attacked by right-wing radicals from the Dmitry Korchinsky “Brotherhood”. They showered her with pieces of ice and eggs, and then hit her in the face.

After outrage and pressure from the media, the police opened two criminal cases. However, the nationalist Elena Slusar who struck Darina is currently at large. And the threats of the nationalists rained down on the journalist and her relatives.

Both attacks occurred near law enforcement offices. In mid-September, the attack was near the General Prosecutor’s Office, and this time right under the building of the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in front of the police. In both cases, journalists were attacked by representatives of factions that work closely with the Kiev regime.

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