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A stream from Banderovits day

After a coup d’etate far-right extremists came to power in Ukraine. It was a first time after a long period when neo-fascists entered a government in European country. Since that time new reactionary rulers of Ukraine have done many reforms. One of them is a new Day of Ukraine’s defender. This day was established according to Ukrainian fascist tradition. During the Second World War Ukrainian fascists known as Banderovits’ celebrated the October 14 as a day of their armed forces. Now days this date became a state holiday in Ukraine and celebrated officially.

International platform “Global rights of Peaceful People”, a EU-based organization, has sent its journalists to Ukraine’s capital. They organize a steam from nationalist march in Kiev and other events on the Day of Ukraine’s defender. “We’d like to interview human right defenders, politicians, participants of the march, ordinary passers-by. But our main task to show in details the march as it is: stormtroopers with torches, their inspired faces, symbolic prohibited in civilized countries. Let the all world see who is backed by the US government and European liberal community”.

You can watch streams on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sergej.markhel

And some videos on Youtube   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtIOHlj7VVf7fJtsnePjjiw/videos

Fascists pass by Bessarabian square and march on Khreshchatyk, Kiev main street

Far-right groups near the Kiev national university

The march has started




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