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Western diplomats advocate Russian language

The oppression of Russian language continues in Ukraine. On September 18, the members of the Lviv regional council decided to impose a moratorium on the public “use of the Russian-language cultural product” in the region. According to Ukrainian nationalists, the decision was made “to protect the Ukrainian information space from the hybrid effects of the aggressor state and to overcome the consequences of long-term language russification, taking into account the numerous appeals of patriotic and veteran public organizations.” The propagandists of the Kiev regime call Russia the aggressor state.

The decision taken contradicts the constitution of Ukraine, adopted in 1996. It says that the state ensures the free development of the Russian language.

In the Lviv regional council many members opposed. 84 people voted “for”, 57 – “against”. Unexpectedly, foreign diplomats opposed the ban of the Russian language too. The Canadian ambassador to Ukraine Roman Waschuk criticized the decision of the Lviv regional council; he was supported by the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough. Both diplomats wrote about this on their Twitter.

“The Lviv oblast ban as formulated is narrow-minded, discriminatory and just plain dumb. And I say this as a diasporic native speaker of Ukrainian, and consistent advocate of affirmative action for cultural products in that language – but also diversity”, – Roman Waschuk wrote.

Ambassador of UK in Ukraine Judith Gouth supported him: “I couldn’t agree more. C’mon Lviv oblast, you are better than this. (And I say this as a fan/student of both the Ukrainian and Russian languages)”, – she noted Twitter.

Contrary to them Russian diplomats refrain from statements on the subject till now.


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