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Russia protests demand: No to pension robbery

Moscow, Sept. 2: More than six thousand people came out to protest under red banners against the plans of the authorities to increase the retirement age.

The action was called by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), but was also supported by many public associations, initiative groups from various districts of the capital, and non-system left parties, including the United Communist Party (OKP).

An important slogan of Sunday’s event was the demand to release the leader of the Left Front, Sergei Udaltsov, who was arrested for fighting against the “reform” and is holding a hunger strike in the prison hospital.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, our comrades formed their own contingent at the march and conducted agitational work at the rally. The party newspaper “New Alternative” was distributed, and the theoretical journal of the OKP “Engels” could also be acquired.

It’s clear to everyone that the rallies against this anti-popular reform throughout the country have become the most significant in recent times.

Members of the coalition “Petersburg Against Increasing the Retirement Age,” which includes the regional branch of the United Communist Party, took part in a rally of the KPRF held on September 2 in the northern capital.

Alas, the action gathered no more than two thousand people, which is less than the number at July protests. But it is encouraging that the rally on September 2 was only the first action in the marathon of protests against pension reform which will be held in September, and will be, we hope, be “on the rise.”

There are two weeks left before the action on September 16. Preparation for the protest goes down to the finish line.


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