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Kiev’s Ivan Kudrya Street to become John McCain Street

Pyotr Poroshenko’s recent proposal to change the name of Kiev’s Ivan Kudrya street to John McCain Street betrays the hidden Nazi agenda among Ukraine’s junta.

Ivan Kudrya was Soviet Kiev’s hero during the fight against the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War (Second World War). He was an essential figure in the Kiev Resistance: he blew up a movie theatre full of German soldiers, derailed trains and when caught, was tortured and killed by the Gestapo.

He also fought against the Western Ukrainian nationalists and Nazi collaborators. Their descendants and followers now, those who want to “cleanse” Donbass and pro-Russian South-Eastern Ukraine, want to remove his name (along with the memory of that anti-fascist resistance) from Ukraine’s history books, which they are re-writing.

This time they have gone as far as suggesting that had the Germans not been “provoked” by the Resistance (and people like Ivan Kudrya) then tragedies such as Babi Yar (where the German Nazis killed 150 thousand Jews) supposedly wouldn’t have happened, as the Nazis wouldn’t have had to retaliate!

The fact that killing innocent people, one of the most horrific crimes of the Holocaust, cannot be called “retaliation” and even such a hypothesis is moral turpitude – doesn’t bother these Nazi apologists. But why doesn’t it bother their US “sponsors”?! Are McCain’s family members OK with his name being used as a tool in erasing the memory of those who stopped the Holocaust?

The following “explanation” was aired on Ukraine’s TV Channel 1 by its top host, BBC trained (!) former BBC World Service correspondent Mykola Veresen (real name Nikolai Sytnik). According to his diabolical “explanation” when Ivan Kudrya and other Red Army partisans started blowing up houses on the Khreshchatyk, the Germans decided that it was the Red Army’s NKVD.

“The Germans [thought] – Veresen “explains,” – “that if you are NKVD, a Red, you are a Jew. And then they thought that the inhabitants of Kiev would treat it [the extermination of Jews] with favour. So the Germans then thought: we will now kill them all , and the people of Kiev will be not against that”, the TV host concluded his insane and blasphemous “hypothesis” of what caused the tragedy. In other words, the world should have submitted itself to the Nazis – then there wouldn’t have been any “losses.”

When the USSR, Britain, and America were allies in the most terrible war in human history, the Washington Post wrote:

One shudders to think what would have happened had the Red Army collapsed under the pressure of the German attackers, or if the Russian people had been less indomitable and courageous.”

British newspapers wrote:

Were it not for the Red Army, the fate of the free peoples of the world would be far more gloomy.”

Winston Churchill himself confirmed:

It was the Red Army that tore the guts out of the German war machine.”

But now what’s being written? Why do Russia’s former allies now align themselves with those in Ukraine who support former Fascist collaborators and sympathisers such as Stepan Bandera? Do McCain’s family or the Republicans, in general, approve the idea of his name being used by those who deny the Holocaust (along with denying the role of the Red Army in liberating Ukraine from the Nazis)?!

This position, stated by Veresen, was strongly criticised by the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky. His view has not been heard on Ukrainian or on US TV nor has it been published in the New York Times.

So, who is the Holocaust denier here and who is denying those honest Jewish voices in favour of pleasing Ukraine’s Nazis …perhaps because they are useful in fostering the new Cold War against Russia?


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