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As Washington Vacillates Asia’s Alliances Are Shifting

“Boxing the compass” is an old nautical term for locating the points on a magnetic compass in order to set a course. With the erratic winds blowing out of Washington these days, countries all over Asia and the Middle East are boxing the compass and reevaluating traditional foes and old alliances.

USA | One Year Later: Lessons from Charlottesville

By Phil Wilayto

This Aug. 12 marked the one-year anniversary of the murderous “alt-right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. The mainstream media have been bursting with commentary, but almost all of it misses the most important lesson from that infamous event: that it was a tremendous victory.

Ukraine | The speaker of Ukrainian parliament states: ‘Hitler is a greatest democrat’

by Dmytriy Kovalevich

And on ‘direct democracy’. Ukraine’s Parliament speaker Andriy Parubiy said in the today’s interview that the “greatest democrat was Adolf Hitler”. He claimed it in the interview to Ukrainian TV-channel ICTV, as report Ukraine’s media.
“I’m a great supporter of direct democracy. By the way, I can tell you, that the greatest man who practiced direct democracy was Adolf Hitler in 1930s”, – said A.Parubiy, commandant (chief) of the Maidan encampment in 2014, former founder of the Ukraine’s Social-Nationalist Party and current parliamentary speaker.

Ukraine | Fascists again attacked the people of Odessa

On September 2 in Odessa , a group of Ukrainian fascists attacked  residents of the city who traditionally gather at Kulikovo field near the Trade Unions House to pay tribute to the memory of those who died there during the May 2, 2014 clashes. On that day, a crowd of  fascists  burned in the House of Trade Unions more than forty  people  who opposed the ultra-right coup that took place in Ukraine.

China | China’s Xi offers $60bn in financial support to Africa

China’s President Xi Jinping has offered $60bn in financial support to African countries and written off debt for the continent’s poorer nations.

Speaking at the opening of a major summit with African leaders in Beijing on Monday, Xi said the figure included $15bn in grants, interest-free loans and concessional loans, a credit line of $20bn, $10bn for “development financing” and $5bn to buy imports from the continent.