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Ukrainian pro-Soviet activist was found hanged

On August 4 the former head of the organization of scouts «Galytska Rus» Kirill Arbatov was found hanged in the Transcarpathian region of the Western Ukraine. The body of Arbatov was found by his neighbor. At the moment, the police opened a criminal case for suicide. However, investigators do not exclude that Arbatov could be killed.

His social activities caused hatred among Ukrainian ultra-right (Banderavists), who used hanging to punish political opponents.
The Scout organization «Galytska Rus» was engaged in the restoration of Soviet monuments of Second World War time and cemeteries of the First World War on the territory of Western Ukraine. It is known that the organization of Arbatov repaired the graves of the secret service agent Nicolay Kuznetsov and the hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Marchenko, the monument «The Sorrowful Motherland», the monument to the soldiers who died during the First World War, the mass grave of Soviet tankmen — the crew of the T-34-76 tanks.
All these monuments were repeatedly desecrated by Ukrainian fascists, because they consider the Soviet army an occupation and ideologically alien force and want to destroy the memory of the defeat of fascism during the Second World War.

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