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Persecution of journalists in Ukraine

The suppression of opposition journalists has long been the hallmark of the Kiev regime. So that no one has any doubts about which policy is being pursued, several high-profile actions took place in Ukraine on the same day. Three attacks on journalists were held, and the Kiev regime publicly exposed the Council of Europe as a fool.
In Zhitomir on August 6, the fascists attacked journalist Vasily Muravitsky, whom the special services accused of undermining the information security of Ukraine, and the court released him later under house arrest. Activists from the Nazi group C14, Avtomaidan, as well as a deputy from the ruling Petro Poroshenko Bloc were seen among the attackers. Vasily Muravitsky was struck in the back and splashed with green medical blend to eyes when he went out after the court session. The journalist was poured by those fascists who were present in the court during the trial of the case.

Damage to the eyes was miraculously avoided, as Muravitsky was wearing glasses. The Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination refused to conduct Muravitsky’s examination in connection with the «end of the working day». The incident was immediately notified to the monitoring missions of the UN and the OSCE, as well as the European Parliament and a number of international human rights organizations.

In the evening of August 5, an unidentified man attacked Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotzaba in Kiev. The incident was reduced to a small scuffle, after which the attacker fled. Kotsaba decided not to contact the police, because from the experience of previous attacks concluded that it still would not help him. Earlier Kotsaba was accused of treason and justified after the campaign of international pressure. In the European Union he was recognized as a prisoner of conscience.

On August 6, in Kiev, unidentified people attacked a house in which the journalist of the Nadzvichaini Novini project and TV presenter Victoria Senik lived along with her parents. People in camouflage uniform, climbed over the fence and began to knock out doors in the house. Victoria’s mother and neighbors raised a fuss, called the police. This scared off the attackers.

Kherson Court of Appeal on August 6 decided to extend the arrest of the head of RIA Novosti Ukraina Kirill Vyshinsky. The journalist will be detained until September 8, 2018. Kirill Vyshinsky was detained in Kiev on May 15. He is accused of high treason.

Speaker of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan published on May 30 a list of people who criticized law enforcers after staging the murder of journalist Arkady Babchenko. These journalists she called Zradophiles (degrading name formed from Ukrainian name of a fruit fly – drosophila, word ‘zrada’ means treason). The statement caused concern in the Council of Europe, and it demanded explanations from the Ukrainian authorities. Explanations were provided on August 6. It says that Zradophil is not an insult in Ukraine, but an amusing philological design, and that officials have a personal space in Facebook. Also in the official letter from Kiev it is said about the right of Ukrainian MPs from the rostrum of the parliament to insult journalists and journalistic organizations.

Secretary General of the European Federation of Journalists Ricardo Gutierrez called the statement of the Ukrainian authorities ridiculous.

The head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NSJU), Sergei Tomilenko, sharply criticized the Ukrainian authorities. He particularly stressed that the publication of lists of «Zradophiles» was accompanied in social networks by calls for the arrest of journalists.

No signs of a change in state policy towards journalists in Kiev are still imperceptible.

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