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Fascists threaten the independence of the court in the capital of Ukraine

On the last day of July, representatives of the ultra-right organization C14 broke into the premises of the National Academy of Advocates of Ukraine (NAAU) in Kiev. Three dozen young people tried to disrupt the meeting of the defense lawyers’ committee. The lawyers called in the Podolsky district police department and replaced them with a request to send uninvited guests. The police said they did not see any violations and simply contemplated the continuation of the conflict between lawyers and fascists.
The reason was the conflict between fascists and lawyer Valentin Rybin in the building of the Court of Appeal of Kiev. On July 18, the court seized Sergei Mazur, one of the leaders of the fascist gang C14, accused of gypsy pogrom. On July 27, the court considered an appeal for his arrest. Several dozen fascists came to support their leader and met in court lawyer Rybin. They insulted the lawyer and tried to beat him. In response, the lawyer applied to the National Advocates Association of Ukraine, asking for an assessment of the situation. An emergency meeting of the relevant committee was scheduled for July 31. Then the fascists seized the meeting hall, and the police were inactive.

After that the pressure of the fascists on the courts continued. As a result, the courts of the city of Kiev made them a number of unjustified concessions. On August 6, 2018, the court found Mikhail Stryzhka, an activist of the C14, innocent of being guilty of two years ago in court. During the announcement of the decision in the hall there were members of C14.

On August 7, the Kyiv Appeals Court partially granted an appeal on the case of coordinator C14 of Sergei Mazur, suspected of pogrom the Roma camp on Lysa Mountain, sending him under house arrest. At the same time, more than a hundred people, including members of the organization C14 gathered in the courthouse in support of Mazur. MP of «Samopomich» Pavel Kostenko filed a petition that he was ready to bail a suspect. The joint pressure of the Nazis and MP forced the court to ease the measure of restraint on a serious crime.

On Tuesday, August 7 at the Court of Appeal of Kiev, the radicals from C14 attacked the lawyer Oleg Povalyaev. After comments by a lawyer about the inadmissibility of provocative behavior in court, two of them grabbed a lawyer, and the third hit him in the face. This was reported by the press service of the National Advocates Association of Ukraine.
Povalyaev participated in the court session, which also had several people with the symbols of C14. Those behaved frankly provocatively, showing complete disdain for the participants in the trial and tried to disrupt the court session. The lawyer made a remark to them, after which he was beaten.
After the announcement of the break in the court session, the lawyer at the exit from the courtroom collided with a group of about 30 people. They, shouting insults and foul language, began to threaten him with physical violence in connection with the fact that the lawyer, in their opinion, protects not the one who «should.» From the police, who was present at the events, there was no reaction.
Thus, the joint actions of the fascists and the inaction of the police violate the independence of the courts in the capital of Ukraine, and lawyers can not fully perform their duties to protect their clients. Ukraine did not know anything like this before the 2014 coup. Meanwhile, in Western countries, many naively think that in Ukraine there is a strengthening of young democracy.

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