The purge of school teachers has begun in Ukraine

The mayor of a large Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk, Boris Filatov, said on July 18 that he began personnel purge in the city’s schools. School principals are appointed by the city’s mayor under the contract, and the mayor threatens those directors who oppose the Kiev regime and show sympathy for Russia. Filatov said that about a third of the directors and head teachers of schools will be dismissed because of pro-Russian views and «separatist sentiments.» The corresponding statement he published on Facebook.

«From the second day of my cadenza, I started collecting dossiers for directors and head teachers of city schools and this was helped by a limited circle of trusted people.

And I waited for the third year of my cadenza. At the moment, the Humanitarian Department is holding contests for new appointments of school principals.

More than 30 (!) percent of applicants, starting in 2014, in social networks or non-publicly supported separatist sentiments, despised their own country and loved the neighboring state very much. It came to what some on Facebook wrote for Ukraine, and in «Odnoklassniki» — for Lugansk and Donetsk peoples republics and Russia! Now they all will either be dismissed or not recruited.

Legally irreproachable. Without the ability to recover from the trial. After all, we do not violate labor laws and do not pursue beliefs,» — Filatov said hypocritically.

«Better just do not go to the contest. Because manuscripts do not burn. I’m not SBU, not cyberpolicy and not a full-time national patriot. I just know what I should do,» — the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk fears.

The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, Boris Filatov, is the protégé of the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. During the right-wing coup in 2014 he actively financed the fascist gangs. Suppressing the resistance of southeastern Ukraine residents to the Kiev regime, Filatov became famous for the statement: «The main thing now is to promise obscenities everything, and hang later.»

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