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The Lynch Court in Ukrainian Chernigov

July 20, Ukrainian Nazis from the infamous regiment «Azov» and national squads arranged a Lynch trial over their political opponent. In the city of Chernigov they caught a local homeless resident, tied him to a pillar, hung on his neck a sign «I’m a vatnik» and spit in him. Vatnik (literally — quilted or padded jacket) is a humiliating stigmatizing nickname, which liberals and fascists use to opponents of Ukrainian nationalism. Organizer of violence Olexandr Tarnavsky argues that the homeless resident of Chernigov on July 15 threw bottles at the monument to the so-called Heavenly Hundred. So supporters of the Kiev regime denote a hundred people who died in February 2014 during a right-wing coup.

Public humiliation of a man in the center of the city caused protests of passers-by. However, the Nazis sarcastically called them humanists and threatened to stick them to the pillar too. The police having arrived at the scene friendly greeted the Nazis with a hand. «This is the patrol we bought, ours,» — one of the participants in the Lynch Court commented cheerfully. This is another confirmation of the long-standing truth: in Ukraine the fascists work closely with the police.

Meanwhile, journalists arrived at the scene of events. They immediately started interviewing with the sadists from Azov, not particularly interested in their victim. One of the reporters began to resent what was happening, and immediately received threats from the Nazis. The behavior of journalists also confirms the long-standing truth: in Ukraine there are almost no independent journalists, the media serves the fascist regime.

Eventually, the patrol policemen unfastened the man from the pillar and took him away in an unknown direction.

The progressive public hotly discusses what happened. Of particular interest was the source of this wild behavior of the fascists. Numerous historical analogies have been found for them. Even during the Second World War, German fascists tied Ukrainian Soviet partisans to the pillars. And on the Maidan in Kiev in winter 2013-2014  there was a so-called shame stake. The liberals and fascists promised, after coming to power, to tie all the enemies of the Ukrainian nation to it.

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