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Nazi glorification continues in West Ukraine

In West Ukraine on July 22 Nazi SS division Galychyna was commemorated by local authorities. Funny that it was commemorated on the anniversary of the battle of Brody when it was crushed by the Red Army. Commemoration took part in Lviv. But an interesting fact is that some US citizens and former Ukrainian SS came here to participate in the event. Former and contemporary Nazis celebrated their festive date burying the remains of the four dead SS fighters with an honor guard.

The city of Lviv is well known for its reactionary intellectuals who glorify Nazis in various ways. The same days when SS division was commemorated some creative fascists produced a special toy for children. You can buy a soft toy Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler for 40 hryvnia ($ 1.5 only). The corresponding announcement appeared on one of the Internet resources. In the description, the Nazi criminal is called «the great leader.» «A soft toy in the form of the great leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler,» the signature reads.

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