Fensuagro Unionists Murdered in Cauca, Colombia – Stop the US/Colombia Terror!

Genocide is happening in Colombia. There is no other way to put it. In just one terrible day, July 16, 2018, six social movement leaders were killed. Since the June 17 election of Ivan Duque as Colombia’s president, social movement leaders have been killed at the rate of more than one a day. Duque is a disciple of former president and death squad patron Álvaro Uribe, whom he calls Colombia’s “eternal president”.

Last weekend, two Fensuagro affiliates were murdered in the most brutal ways imaginable, beaten to death with rocks, one of them literally decapitated by repeated blunt force trauma. These men were from the sister towns of Miranda, Corinto, and Caloto, villages AfGJ has been visiting since our first trip to the area in 2009. We must not let their voices be lost, even though their lives have been taken! We must lend our own voices and make their demands for peace and justice our own!


1) Click HERE to send an email to Colombian authorities demanding an end to violence targeting our union sisters and brothers in Fensuagro!

2) Send an email to James@AFGJ.org to learn more about the August 7 Day for Peace in Colombia – Stop the US/Colombian State and Military Terror!

There is a systematic effort to destroy Colombia’s Left through murder and mayhem and forced displacement. The communities most affected are indigenous, Afro-Colombian, and rural populations. Human rights defenders, socialists, environmental defenders, student activists, unionists, and social movement leaders are all declared military objects by paramilitary death squads. These death squads operate with impunity, including in areas where there is an established military and police presence. Colombian Armed Forces are following policies urged by the Trump administration and attacking communities demanding just development. Colombia is in a state of humanitarian crisis.

Alliance for Global Justice has close ties to some of the most targeted of Colombia’s social movements. Our comrades from the Marcha Patriótica make up over 40% of the victims of political assassinations in Colombia right now. The largest labor organization in the Marcha Patriótica, the farm workers union, Fensuagro, continues to be the most persecuted union in Colombia. Its members have recently suffered a series of threats, murders, and forced displacements.

What’s going on in Colombia is terrorism, and the US government is behind it. In 1962, the Pentagon urged the Colombian government to “…execute paramilitary, sabotage and/or terrorist activities…backed by the United States”. Since then, the US has paid for and directed war and repression in Colombia, including more than $11 billion in US taxes since 1998 for Plan Colombia. Plan Colombia has even rewarded paramilitaries leaders with our public monies, an example being hundreds of thousands given to support palm oil megafarms owned by death squad commanders. The administration of Donald Trump has waged a campaign on multiple fronts to unravel Colombia’s peace.  Since his election, the president, vice president, secretary of state, ambassador, and Pentagon officials have all pressed the Colombian government to abandon rural development and crop substitution programs to stop illicit crop cultivation, in favor of violent eradication with no rural development. The forced eradication favored by the White House has resulted in killings and all-out massacres of communities protesting and demanding that the peace accords be honored.

For those of us who live in the United States, we should recognize that Colombian blood is on our hands already. There’s only one way to wash it off, and that’s with solidarity and resistance.



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