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Cooperation with Hitler has been glorified in the Ukrainian parliament

On July 5, an exhibition of newspapers edited by Ukrainian radical nationalists has been opened in the Ukrainian parliament, in one newspaper Adolf Hitler is glorified.

The exposition is called «Restoration of Ukrainian statehood during the Second World War» and is dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian state proclamation on June 30, 1941, that is, the times of the Nazi occupation.

When German troops attacked the USSR and entered the city of Lviv, a group of ultra-right nationalists, who cooperated with Germany long before the war, proclaimed the so-called restoration of the Ukrainian state. At that time, there was the Soviet Ukraine, one of the founding republics of the USSR. However, the Ukrainian fascists did not consider it a Ukrainian state. Exactly the same opinion is shared by the current neo-fascists who seized power in Ukraine in 2014.

«The resurgent Ukrainian state will work closely with the National Socialist Great Germany, which, under the leadership of its leader Adolf Hitler, creates a new order in Europe and in the world,» one of the newspapers presented at the exhibition says.

The exhibition was organized by MP Yuri Shukhevych — the son of the famous Ukrainian fascist Roman Shukhevych.

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