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UN: Ukrainian government is responsible for pogroms

In Ukraine, attacks of fascist gangs on anti-fascists, language and ethnic minorities continue.

Literally on June 20 Lviv resident Inna Ivanochko was attacked by nationalist bandits because she alone defends a monument to Soviet soldiers who fell during the liberation of the city of Lviv from the Nazis.

That’s what they did to her.

The UN monitoring mission on human rights notes it is a typical situation for Ukraine. Attacks committed by right-wing radical groups often go unpunished.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has recently documented 41 violations of the freedoms of opinion and expression, media, and peaceful assembly and association “in addition to the right to non-discrimination, an increase from the previous reporting period. OHCHR documented 25 physical attacks against individuals and events carried out by members of extreme right-wing groups, often with impunity. Of deep concern were two separate attacks on Roma communities in Kyiv and Rudne that led to their settlements being burned to the ground. Both are under investigation, with one already known to have been perpetrated by extreme right-wing group C14 in the presence of national police.”

“Since 1 January 2018, OHCHR has referred 54 allegations of human rights violations and abuses to specific duty-bearers. Twenty-nine violations were raised with the Government of Ukraine; in 1 case the violation was fully addressed, in 12 cases the violation was partially addressed, and in 4 cases criminal investigations were opened. Twenty-five human rights abuses were raised with the armed groups; in one case the issue was fully addressed, in three cases human rights abuses were partially addressed and in one case an ‘investigation’ was opened.”

The Ukrainian nationalist intelligentsia is actively stirring up pogroms. So only in the last week there were two such appeals in Ukraine.

The well-known fascist, a member of the “Svoboda” party, Irina Farion urged to kick people in the jaw for using the Russian language.

Crazy writer Larisa Nitsoy called for teachers to be held criminally liable for using Russian under article 382 of the Criminal Code. The article provides for a fine or 3 years in prison for willful failure to comply with court decisions. In her inflamed imagination, Nitsoy believes that the Ukrainian courts have passed decisions that forbid teachers to speak Russian.

At the same time, participants in the pogroms escape from criminal responsibility. According to the prevailing jurisprudence in Ukraine, the fascists are above the law. So on June 20, the Supreme Court of Ukraine confirmed the acquittal of four members of the «Right Sector», who in July 2015 staged a bloody shooting in the city of Mukacheve. During the clashes between the fascists and the police, two people were killed and eight were wounded. The prosecutor’s office tried to challenge the acquittal on this case. But the courts of all levels left it in force.

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