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The Kiev regime is preparing an offensive against opposition TV channels

On June 22 in Ukraine, TV channel 112 disappeared from the air for several hours.

This happened after the call of the People’s Front MP Sergei Vysotsky to «destroy» TV channels with «Russian roots.» The «Popular Front» is a ultra-nationalist group advocating the suppression of all political opponents of the Kiev regime by force. Like all Ukrainian nationalists, they consider any opposition activity as a sign of sympathy for Russia.

Channel 112 officially announced the pressure immediately after the incident and told about its details. On the eve of the shutdown, the channel was subjected to a ddos ​​attack, then the fire department came to the channel with a check, and the building owner stated that he wants to terminate the lease, and then suddenly the cable that fed the building with electricity was disconnected and the diesel generator failed. The channel says they do not believe in such a chain of coincidences and link this ‘state of emergency’ with political pressure.

But this is not the last coincidence. A few hours before the termination of the broadcasting of channel 112, the Independent Association of Broadcasters, which cooperates with the leadership of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, demanded that this channel would be deprived of digital broadcasting. If this happens, it will remain only in cable networks and on the Internet, which can reduce the reach of the audience.

Strange things are happening today with the channel NewsOne too, which was recently demanded to deprive the license. The live YouTube channel of NewsOne was blocked. This can happen with massive complaints about the account, which are easy to organize, explain the Internet experts.

The day before the disconnection of channel 112, MPs from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the “Popular Front” introduced a law on the agenda of the parliament, allowing state officials to block any site in Ukraine without a court decision. This proposal caused a serious resonance in the press and among human rights defenders. Two deputies who contributed the draft, Tatyana Chernovol and Ivan Vinnik, as it considered, are close to the head of the parliamentary committee for national security Sergei Pashinsky, who is considered one of the main organizers of the massacre in the Maidan in 2014.

Officials close to the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting believe it is only the beginning of the pressure of the presidential administration on «unreliable» TV channels.
Ukrainian analysts believe that the Kiev regime is preparing for early elections, and therefore is trying to destroy all opposition media.

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