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Special services of Ukraine fabricate cases against left-wing activists

On June 27, the Ukrainian court softened the measure of restraint to the arrested journalist Vasily Muravitsky. Now he is under house arrest — although the investigation of the grave articles of the criminal code continues anyway.

He was arrested last summer on suspicion of high treason. The special services also accuse him of creating a terrorist group and encroaching on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The basis for these conclusions was Muravitsky’s journalistic activity. Prior to the ban on the Communist Party, Muravitsky edited the Young communist league newspaper «New Wave». After its closure, he worked with several Russian media outlets, because he could not find a job in Ukraine due to his opposition views. In the opinion of the SBU, Muravitsky at the direction of Russian curators «prepared and disseminated anti-Ukrainian materials», i.e. criticized the Kiev regime, if we translate the quote from Ukrainian political jargon. This was his ‘betrayal’ of his country.

In the course of the investigation over the journalist, anecdotal circumstances have repeatedly surfaced. In particular, the special services claimed that he received instructions from a secret Russian agent named Pampukh. In fact, it turned out to be a cat living with friends of Muravitsky.

However, not all the leftist activists in Ukraine are lucky. In Odessa, the process continues over a group of four Communists, accused by special services of terrorist activities. These are Catherine Foteva, Evgeni Podmazko, Alexander Shevtsov and Igor Udovenko. The court does not examine the case on its merits, because the special services lack evidence, except for the personal confessions of the accused. On June 25, it became known at what price these confessions were received.

The defendant Catherine Foteva made a statement on the confession of the testimony given by her at the stage of pre-trial investigation, untrue and given under physical and moral pressure. Foteva explained that she was detained by officers of the Security Service in the Odessa region on April 22, 2015 during a search at her home. After the search, she was forced into a car and taken to the SBU, where she was interrogated for more than two days, without giving access to water, food, sleep and rest, and not allowing a lawyer to come to her. SBU officials promised to put her in a cell with aggressive male criminals who would rape her, and Nazis from the «Right Sector» and «Azov» would poison her relatives. Foteyeva agreed to denounce herself after a long absence of sleep, after hunger, thirst and humiliation.

The trial of the four Odessa Communists lasts for the fourth year, and all this time they are behind bars. Unlike the journalist Muravitsky, international human rights organizations do not show interest in their fate.

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