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Russia: First Victory Against the Outlawing of the MPRA Union

The International workers committee against war and exploitation has good news to announce. The Supreme Court of the Federation of Russia has nullified the absurd decision taken by the Saint Petersburg tribunal, which last January delegalized the Inter-Regional Workers Association (MPRA) union, an independent trade union that organizes several thousands of members, especially in the car-making factories of multinational corporations.

It should be noted that this tribunal had charged the MPRA with being a “foreign agent” and violating the law concerning non-profit organizations (which, by the way, does not concern trade unions). The union was outlawed by the tribunal. The decision sparked a wave of protests by both international and Russian unions and workers’ organizations, which had staged protest actions, with street gatherings of working class activists in support of the MPRA. On May 1, in particular, numerous trade union activists from all over Russia marched through Saint Petersburg against the outlawing of the MPRA. Even “scab” unions [the former official unions of the Soviet era – Ed.] gave lip-service support to the protest.

All this was not in vain. As of today, the MPRA can resume its normal activities as a well-established legal organization. We have experienced international working class solidarity, and we know that it can alter a Russian tribunal’s decision.

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