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Coach of Ukrainian Nazis asks for asylum in Sweden from Ukrainian death squads

The Department of Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) forms special illegal groups for the murders and intimidation of opponents of the regime. President Petro Poroshenko knows about the existence of “death squads”. The proposal to lead one of these groups was received by Sergey Sanovsky, military instructor and former deputy head of the training camp of the regiment “Azov”. He refused and was kidnapped by the SBU, went through torture, fled the country. The correspondent of RIA Novosti met with him in Myanmar. Now Sanovsky forms a political asylum in Sweden.
Below it is a shortened retelling of an article by Russian journalists.

Sergei Sanovsky served in the special forces of internal troops, was commander of the intelligence department, sniper-instructor. In the winter of 2013-2014, he supported a right-wing coup in Ukraine, although he now claims that he adheres to the political views between socialism and liberalism. After the outbreak of the civil war in Ukraine, Sanovskiy got a job at “Azov.” The core of the battalion, and later the regiment were radical nationalists and neo-Nazis. There he became deputy chief of the training camp of the regiment. «I created this camp practically from scratch. I wrote the first program for the recruits of «Azov» too,” — Sanovsky boasts.
In November 2014 an army officer introduced Sanovsky to Andrei Lisogor. Lisogor conducted seminars and trainings for employees of the National Guard, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU. Among other things, he taught how to bind, strangle and torture people. Sanovsky began to cooperate with him and by 2017 finally left “Azov”.
Sanovsky and Lisogor had a trusting relationship. During one of his meetings with Lisogor Sanovsky learned that he was a staff adviser to the head of the SBU counterintelligence department, General Alexei Petrov. Petrov is the creation of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, an absolutely non-public figure.
In June 2017, Lisogor informed Sanovsky that on the direct order of Petrov a network of illegal groups had been set up «for active measures on the territory of Ukraine», including «liquidating persons who did not agree with the political course being pursued.» «Mentioning that he appreciates my experience and specifics of accomplishing the tasks by the unit that I commanded, he suggested that I collect a combat group of six or eight people from former colleagues,» — Sanovsky says. Moreover, «any organizational and technical issues will be solved at the highest state level, but officially none of us will be formed even as agents.»
Lisogor gave examples of the activities of such groups. In 2015, they killed one of the ideologists of “Azov” Yaroslav Babich, fulfilling the task of the former Minister of Justice Roman Zvarych. Lisogor described the details of the murder and named the names of the performers. According to Lisogor, an illegal group of the Security Service of Ukraine killed in the fall of 2014 a retired colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces Vyacheslav Galva. He was killed for refusing to cooperate and criticizing the authorities. Lisogor said that the groups had already held dozens of shares.
According to Sanovsky, these groups are responsible for many attacks on politicians, journalists, public activists. «As far as I understand, these groups had to intimidate and eliminate not only political opponents, but also those who doubt and do not cooperate. In addition, they were used simply in business conflicts,» — Sanovsky said.
At the same time, Lisogor constantly stressed that the activities of the groups were approved by Petro Poroshenko and that Petrov directly, bypassing the head of the SBU, obeys the Ukrainian president. Sanovsky in a sharp form refused Lisogor’s offer.
In 2017, disappointed in government policy, Sanovsky decided to hold a protest action of the war participants on the side of the Kiev regime. He applied to the mayor’s office, the application was satisfied. But the protest did not take place. July 10, 2017 he was arrested by the SBU. Sanovskiy was badly beaten while detained and taken to the counterintelligence department. A group of SBU workers, including Alexander Poklad, with whom Sanovsky was familiar, tortured and beat him for 12 hours. SBU forced Sanovsky to admit that he wanted to commit a coup d’état, to kill the president and ministers. The main method of torture was strangulation.
Stanislav Rechinsky, a former SBU spokesman, also confirms the bad reputation of the Department of Counterintelligence and Poklad personally: «Instead of catching real terrorists, the department … takes people out into the planting and strangles. They have an employee Alexander Poklad, nicknamed the Choker, he is famous for it.»
After coming to freedom, Sanovsky withdrew the beatings, got a criminal case and went to Moldova. However, the Poklad found him there, and offered to meet. Sanovski fled to Bulgaria. Now he believes that Bulgaria has an informal agreement on cooperation with the SBU and extradition of people to Ukraine. Sanovsky miraculously escaped detention on departure from this country. From there he got to Myanmar, and now he makes political asylum in Sweden and is guarded by the police.

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