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Ukrainian fascists in Odessa: four years later

Four years passed after a fascist pogrom in Odessa. But the new anniversary of Odessa massacre shows the victorious part still believes they were right and nothing changed.

During the commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the tragic events on May 2nd, 2014 in Odessa, on social networks nationalists remembered their “triumph” and in all seriousness declared it a “holiday”.

The head of OUN Mikhail Kokhanivsky called to make May 2nd a public holiday, and either deliberately or incidentally wrote on Facebook “I remember, I am proud” – the slogan used on May 9th in Russia.

And the “Consul” Telegram channel, close to National Corpus, said that it “remembers and celebrates” the death of 48 anti-Maidan protesters.

The “Right Sector” activist Aleksey Byk, who assaulted the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, called the tragedy on May 2nd “The day of the sacred crematorium” and added the hashtag #ГориГориЯсно [#BurnBurnStrongly – ed].

The former “Azov” militant and nowadays deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Mosiychuk published on his blog a congratulations on the fourth anniversary of the massacre in Odessa, when militants controlled by the Kiev junta burned pro-Russian residents alive in the House of Trade Unions.

“Good morning, brother Ukrainians!

Today is the Day when Ukrainian patriots protected Odessa from a horde from the Russian world and forever made the southern palmyra a Ukrainian city! I congratulate everyone involved on this holiday! With Day of the Ukrainian Odessa! With Victory Day! The memory of the fallen patriots is eternal!” wrote Mosiychuk. 

When Odessa residents traditionally commemorated the victims of Banderist massacre Ukrainian fascists traditionally demonstrated their mockery and threatened disarmed citizens.

They came to a commemoration place and provoked citizens by their comments, they launched a drone with Banderist flag to the sky above a square, at last one Anti-Maidan supporter was beaten.

The injured party was Mikhail Ilyin. He was “intercepted” by radicals at Privokzalnaya Square. He said that he was bringing flowers to Kulikovo Field.

According to him, he was attacked by the leader of the radical group “Street Front” Demyan Ganul. In comment to “Strana” he evasively answered that Ilyin “was punished by god”. Ilyin gave a statement to law enforcement officers. Police didn’t arrest any attacker. It is normal for today’s Ukraine, there fascists are higher then law.

In order to hide this clear fact political police detained and expelled two foreign journalists who came to Ukraine especially for objective covering of Odessa tragedy commemoration. They were from Italy and Czech Republic.

In the evening of May 2nd the so-called March of Ukrainian Order took place in the city center.

Activists of various far-right radical groups [about 500 in total – ed] gathered for this event.

In addition, the leader of the nationalist “Svoboda” party Oleg Tyagnibok came to Odessa.

He took part in flower-laying at the place where the activist of “Right Sector” Igor Ivanov died at the corner of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya streets.

According to calls during the march, fascist radicals are hostile not to Russians only. They nether forget Jews.

During the march the head of Right Sector in Odessa Tatyana Soykina called to cleanse Odessa and Ukraine from kikes.

In a video posted from the march Tatyana Soykina said: “We are confident that we will bring real Ukrainian order to Odessa. Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, and not kikes! Not oligarchies. Glory to Ukraine!”

The director of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky on Facebook asks:

 “It’s interesting – does she mean Jewish pogroms or an immediate Holocaust? Should she be believed or not? Should Jews gather to leave or is their a law-enforcement system in the country?”

The detailed photos of the fascist march made by pro-government reporters can be seen here.

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