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Secret police against historical memory

Kiev regime tries to change a mass conscience of Ukrainian people. A small minority of fascist thugs put task to eliminate a Victory day from collective memory. But Ukrainians are strong and believe a Victory day, when the Red army finally crashed Nazi Germany, is a great and important holiday. Ukrainian fascists are furious: all bans and threats can’t help them and Ukrainian people every year demonstrate their attitude in public on May 9. People go to street with photos of their relatives who fought in the Red Army. It is known as “Immortal regiment” action. This is a new form of anti-fascist protest in Ukraine.

Ukrainian fascist prepare to Victory day in their typical vandal manner. They desecrate Soviet monuments. This year they acted as usual. For example they destroyed monument to soviet commander Georgy Zhukov in Kharkov and memorial place in Dnepropetrovsk (temporally renamed to Dnipr).

But this year Kiev regime recognized fascist gangs are not successful and used state security (SBU) against “Immortal regiment”. Political police strikes at communist groups first of all.

On May 8 SBU detained people who called for participation in the action «Immortal Regiment». Political police blocked eight groups in social networks and detained two of their administrators, urging citizens of Ukraine to take part in the action «Immortal Regiment». This is stated in the press service of the department. The detainees are residents of the Sumy and Kiev regions.

The SBU called the «Immortal Regiment» a «provocative fake action in the interests of the aggressor country». The mean Russia when speak of aggressor.

Activists of left organizations in different parts of the country are being searched too. First of all the Communist party of Ukraine prohibited three years ago felt under attack. The doors of the CPU office in Kiev were taken out by sledgehammers, the party leaders and young communist league were searched. In Kharkov fascists organized a pogrom at the office of the NGO Trudovaya Kharkivschina, located in the Palace of Labor. In Nikolayev, police is looking for communist symbols in communists’ office.

Nobody, in general, does not hide that all this is aimed at disrupting the rallies on the occasion of Victory day.

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