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NATO increases military presence in Black Sea region

On May 1 the ships of the 2nd permanent naval group of NATO entered the Black Sea.
The flagship of the group is the British missile destroyer HMS Duncan (D37). In addition, the group includes the frigates of the Spanish Navy SPS Victoria (F82), the Turkish Navy TCG Gemlik (F492), the German Navy FGS Bayern (F217), and several smaller ships.
In the Black Sea, new members joined the group — the Romanian frigate ROS Regele Ferdinand and the Bulgarian BGS Drazki.

The same day British RAF Eurofighter Typhoons based in Romania has been given the green light by NATO to conduct air patrols over Romania. During a ceremony held at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Southern Romania, leading officials from NATO gave formal accreditation for the RAF Typhoons to commence NATO Enhanced Air Policing missions over the Black Sea.

It seems the UK is a flagship of the NATO offensive both in the air and at the sea.

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