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Kiev regime accuses the journalist of treason

On Tuesday, May 15, the Security Service of Ukraine conducted searches in the office of RIA Novosti Ukraina, in the apartments of the RIA Novosti Ukraina correspondent Lyudmila Lysenko, and the head of the representative office of RIA Novosti Ukraine Andrei Borodin. Lyudmila and Andrei were also summoned for questioning to the SBU. In the evening, Borodin said that he had not been detained or charged.

But the head of the portal, the famous Ukrainian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, was detained. Special services accused him of high treason. According to intelligence agencies, back in 2014, the journalist justified the annexation of Crimea and also supported the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics. Next day, the special services took Kirill Vyshinsky to Kherson. According to his lawyer, there is the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office located which is conducting the case.

The agency RIA Novosti Ukraine is a subsidiary of the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Its chief Kirill Vyshinsky is a citizen of Ukraine. However, the special services say that they found a Russian passport during the search.

According to independent experts, one of the main reasons for the searches is the continuation of the state policy on the limitation of freedom of speech on the eve of the presidential elections. In the end, it’s hard to believe that the special services could not find «state treason» in the previous four years. After all, RIA Novosti Ukraine all these years worked in Ukraine quite openly and legally, regular press conferences were on their site, and nobody particularly worried until recently.

«This is the tactic of information strangulation, sterilization of the information space — only in the absence of freedom of speech this government has chances to be re-elected. The authorities drive society into an atmosphere of despair, they will crush alternative sources of information with all their might,» political analyst Ruslan Bortnik said.

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Arleme Desire, has already condemned the actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

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