Israel strikes Iranian headquarters in Syria in response to shelling Golan Heights

Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Thursday, that Israel used 28 warplanes to hit headquarters belonging to the Syrian regime, Iranian militias and Hezbollah in Syria.

The ministry revealed that the warplanes fired 70 missiles and rockets, at night yesterday, on the Iranian and Syrian regime headquarters, killing more than 20 members of the militias.

The F-15 and F-16 Israeli warplanes fired 60 air-to-surface missiles on several Syrian area, while another 10 ground-to-ground missiles were fired from Israel on Syria, the ministry reported. The Syrian air defenses destroyed more than the half of these missiles.

Meanwhile, Israel explained that it destroyed all Iranian infrastructure in Syria in response to firing missiles from Syria on Israeli military headquarters in Golan Heights at the dawn of Thursday.

Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel struck all Iranian infrastructure in the Syrian territory, adding “I hope we finished this chapter and everyone got the message.”

“Israel does not seek escalation, but won’t allow Iran to turn Syria into a ‘forward base’ against Israel,” Lieberman added.

In the meantime, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Israeli strikes have resulted in the killing of at least 23 fighters, including 5 of the Syrian regime and 18 of their allied militias.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli Army announced that it carried out several air strikes on dozens of the Iranian targets in Syria, in response to the Iranian missiles that were fired on its headquarters in Golan Heights.

Also, it is the first time for Israel to accuse Iran of targeting it from Syria, since the start of the Syrian conflict eight years ago.

by Loaa Adel

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