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Donbas war escalation at Gorlovka

As many sources report mutual shelling of Kiev regime forces and Donetsk republic rapidly increased in East Ukraine. The center of new military clashes is a western suburb of Gorlovka, a city under Donetsk republic’s control. Ukrainian army tried to take new positions and change a front line in its favour. That attempts have led to new clashes.

It should be noted that Ukrainian army units expended almost 300 rounds targeting DPR territory in the past 24 hours, violating the ceasefire 20 times, said DPR representative at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Ruslan Yakubov.

Militants of the 46th detached “Donbas” [a Ukrainian unit, not connected to Donbas in anyway – ed.] assault battalion, which is a part of the “Operation of United Forces”, took three soldiers of army of the DPR prisoner and killed one serviceman on the spot. Also, the Armed forces of the DPR said that about five militants from the “Donbas” battalion were killed and four others were wounded, but the headquarters of the “Operation of United Forces” didn’t report any losses.

“During a short fight one fighter [of the DPR – ed.] was destroyed, three were captured. There are no losses among our soldiers,” it is said on the official “OUF” Facebook page.

In addition, according to the press service of the DPR Armed Forces, while retreating, one of the enemy’s groups abandoned the bodies of two deceased militants on the battlefield, and now their fellow militants are trying to take them away. In this regard the shelling continues, including with the use of heavy weapons on residential areas.

The DPR noted that whilst in captivity physical and psychological pressure will be put on the military personnel of army of the DPR.

“The Ukrainian neo-Nazis under the leadership of the leader of the ‘Donbas-Ukraine’ battalion Vlasenko – known for their cruelty – captured our military personnel, and torture and put psychological pressure on them. The Ukrainian fascists now threaten and torture them in order to obtain statements discrediting the Republic and their colleagues from among our military personnel,” reported the Defense Ministry.

On May 21st four civilians of Gorlovka were wounded as a result of a mortar attack carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the acting head of the city administration Ivan Prikhodko to the Donetsk News Agency.

“As a result of UAF shelling in Gorlovka 4 civilians living on 11 Shashurin Street were wounded. Two of them are in a very serious condition,” he noted.

The administration of the Nikitovsky district of the city said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out massive shelling. The most intensive shelling was on Golma, in the settlements of Gagarina and Komarova. People had to hide in their basements.

At the same time information about a tank attack against Gorlovka wasn’t confirmed by the operative command of the DPR. “There was no tank offensive near Gorlovka,” said the source of RIA Novosti.

The children of Gorlovka are forced to do their homework in basements due to UAF artillery shelling. The schools of Gorlovka, which is under non-stop UAF shelling, have introduced a regime of remote learning. This was reported by the Donetsk journalist Sergey Makarenko on his “Telegram”. The journalist has attached the corresponding photo to the message.

“The children of Gorlovka in the basement of their own home doing homework. They didn’t go to school today because of the UAF artillery shelling on the city. They won’t go tomorrow either – the schools made the switch to a remote form of education,” he wrote.

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