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A victim of ‘Ukrainian order’

On May 2, the residents of Odessa paid tribute to the victims of the massacre in the House of Trade Unions. A lot of Ukrainian fascists gathered in Odessa that day to intimidate the people of Odessa. However, the fascists beat that day only one person. They also did not touch the flowers that Odessa residents laid to the site of the massacre of their countrymen. As far as we can judge, the Kiev regime was afraid of international resonance and therefore forbade its agents to mock the defenseless people.

But the anniversary of the May massacre passed and the fascists started to show their character again. Opposition Odessa site «Timer» on May 8 reported that a woman was beaten in Odessa, who watched the lamps and flowers on the Kulikovo field. Kulikovo field is the area where the House of Trade Unions is located.

An activist of the Odessa movement «Kulikovo Field» was attacked by unknown people and was injured in the form of a crack in the jaw, a hematoma and a torn lip.

As the acquaintances of the victim told “Timer”, the attack occurred at the moment when the woman was returning home. She was approached by two men who began to insult her, and then one of them struck a severe blow to the woman in the face.

The injured woman keeps in order mourning flowers, lamps and banners with portraits of those who died on May 2, 2014 on the Kulikovo field.

Attackers are don’t known personally but it is typical handwriting of Ukrainian fascists.

This year on May 2 Ukrainian fascists stressed that four years ago they established a Ukrainian order in Odessa. Six days later the demonstrated how this order looks like.


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