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Unnoticed searches in Ukraine: a month later

On March 12 a number of Ukrainian opposition activists were searched by state security of Kiev regime. Witnesses state that political police conducted them in unusually correct manner, policemen threw up evidences only in one case in Kharkov. But it was a large nationally coordinated wave of searches organized for a first time after half and year pause. We have published some data, but generally news agencies ignored the event, like nothing happened in Ukraine. It is true everybody is tired with Ukraine — supporters of a local reactionary regime, as well as its opponents round the world. Even nationally led persecution campaign looks like routine news. But we must remember struggle against reaction needs everyday attention. Any reactionary step could not be left and missed if we want to change a world for better.

We still have very limited information about March searchers in Ukraine, it is still limited while extended during a month. State security says 28 persons were searched. Official statements give us a list of eight regions there searches took place. They are Dnepropetrovsk, Transcarpathia, Lviv, Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson, Kharkov regions and Kiev, a capital of Ukraine which is separated to an independent administrative district.  While we know geography we are still uncertain trying to form a full list of persons, who were visited by state security. We have only eight names now. Four men were searched in Kharkov. They are journalists Dmitry Gubin and Igor Perminov. Two opposition politicians were searched too. They are Spartak Golovachyov and Andrey Lesik. Inna Ivanochko a woman from opposition party “Ukrainian choice” was searched. Maksim Nevechanny, her college from the party, was searched in Nikolayev.  At last two journalists’ flats were visited in Kiev. Yuri Lukashin was at home, while Denis Sadokha immigrated to Poland and police met only his tenants, temporary living in a flat. Nobody of the searched activists was arrested. That is all. Who were other twenty people and what happened to them after the searches has been enigma till now. Any lawyer or human right activist has not interested in their cases.

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