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Ukrainian Fascists do not forget their roots

The deputy of the Lviv City Council from the Fascist Party «Svoboda» Mariyana Batiuk in the morning of April 20 on her Facebook page published congratulations on the birthday of Adolf Hitler.
This is reported by the Western-Ukrainian news portal ZAXID.NET.
«A great man, whatever one may say …» — Mariyana Batyuk wrote and quoted two quotes from Hitler’s book «Mein Kampf». About an hour after the publication, she deleted her message, but users managed to make and publish its screen.

28-year-old history teacher and deputy director of the Lviv school number 100 for educational work Mariana Batyuk became a deputy of the Lviv City Council in 2015.
Director of School No. 100 Vasily Starosta in the comment to ZAXID.NET reported that he will conduct a preventive conversation with Mariyana Batiuk.
«I believe that this is unacceptable if a person writes something that contradicts the state policy and certain international norms,» ​​he said.
Mariyana Batiuk has not yet commented on the situation. Her colleagues from the city council of Lviv also refrain from commenting.

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