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Sniper massacre in Kiev: a new analysis

by Ivan Katchanovski

My new 3 minute-long online video appendix for the APSA Annual Meeting paper on the Maidan massacre visually reveals for the first time latent content of flying bullets, debris, and bullet casings in the well-known but misrepresented videos. It makes clearly apparent shooting from directions of Maidan-controlled locations in directions of Maidan protesters during the Maidan massacre in Kyiv in Ukraine and a massacre of Maidan protesters in Khmelnytskyi.

The false flag Maidan massacre was a major reason for the civil war in Ukraine, Russian military intervention in Donbas and the Crimea annexation, and the start of the «New Cold War.» Various segments of these videos were shown to estimated several hundred million people by major television networks in at least several dozen countries, including Ukraine, the US, the Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Russia, and Japan, and on various websites and social media sites. These videos were presented by the Ukrainian and Western media and the official investigation in Ukraine as evidence that the protesters were massacred by the Berkut police or government snipers who were in other locations.

The content analysis findings are consistent with results of forensic medical examinations, which were made public during the Maidan massacre trial and which revealed that the absolute majority of killed and wounded protesters were shot from top and side or back directions. They are also consistent with videos of “snipers” and spotters in these buildings, and with military prosecutor office investigation finding that a 71-old female protester was killed and a number of other protesters in Khmelnytskyi were wounded from the Security Service of Ukraine headquarters veranda, when it was occupied by Maidan protesters (see video appendix A).

Similarly, more than 200 witnesses, primarily Maidan protesters, testified publicly in the Maidan massacre trial, mass media, and social media about “snipers” in these Maidan-controlled buildings and areas. In particular, 40 wounded protesters testified publicly about being shot from these locations and about “snipers” there (see video appendix B).

The official investigation denies that there were any “snipers” in these buildings.


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