Pogroms against Roma camps in Kiev

On April 21, the fascist paramilitary organisation C-14 carried out a pogrom against a Roma camp in Lysa Hora in Kyiv. The families were violently removed from the camp and all their belongings burnt. The so-called ‘Municipal Guard’ of the C-14 carried out this operation as part of its collaboration with the Holosiyiv District National Police. Another example of the fact that it is not just a question of a few fascist gangs, but their close links with the state apparatus which allows them to act in complete impunity and sometimes with official cover. The head of the Kiev police, Andrei Krishchenko, said that C-14 did not burn the Roma camp on Lysa Hora, but the garbage they left and it was a ‘subbotnik’.

A few days later far-right group “Nemezida” attacked Roma camp at Rusanovski gardens. They burned several houses where Gypsies lived, filmed arson on video and published it on the Internet. Members of the organization said they tried to evict Roma from the area of Rusanovski Gardens in this way.

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