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Odessa massacre anniversary: struggle continues

On May 2, actions of solidarity with Odessa citizens who fought against Ukrainian fascists and died during a fire in the House of Trade Unions will be organized in many countries of the world. However, the Ukrainian fascists are going to celebrate this day differently. Several ultra-right factions will celebrate their victory on this day and march through the center of Odessa. «Right Sector», «Svoboda», National Squads and other less known fascist groups are among the organizers.
The organizers held a press conference. There they claimed that May 2 was «the day of establishing the Ukrainian order», and they plan to celebrate it annually. Also at a press conference, they called May 2 «the day of the victory of Odessa», and the massacre in the House of Trade Unions, according to the fascists, is a «lightning-fast anti-terrorist operation». As always, the fascists shift responsibility for mass killings to their victims. So, the leader of the Odessa «Svoboda» Konstantin Vasilets believes that the inhabitants of Odessa are responsible themselves for their deaths, because they needed not to resist, but go home. The leader of the bandit grouping «Street Front» Demian Ganul said he does not consider the victims as a people and does not see any reason to mourn because of their death.

Organizers claim that on that day in Odessa, the «Ukrainian order» was established. Perhaps they are right. But what is it? Characteristic features of the present life in Ukraine are poverty, flourishing of organized crime, mockery of women and the elderly, forced Ukrainization, artificial rewriting of history, mockery of the values shared by the majority of the population, and a senseless fratricidal war in the Donbas. In 2014, the residents of Odessa showed their sagacity and did not want to accept this order. Commentators note that this «Ukrainian order» is strikingly similar to the «new order» that Nazi Germany proposed to Europe.

Ukrainian Fascists are trying in vain to imagine their victory on May 2 as a victory of Odessa residents. It is well known that they could not win without help from outside. In 2014, they brought to Odessa armed bandits from Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. Only this action allowed them to win. Four years have passed, but they are still in isolation and afraid of the Odessa residents. Although the organizers of the march claim they agreed with the police, three hundred fighters of the National Squads from Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk will come to guard the march. In turn, the police demanded to postpone the commemoration of the dead Odessa citizens, so that the event would not coincide with the time of the fascist march. Finally, according to unofficial data, the Security Service of Ukraine has already issued 30 search warrants for the so-called Kulikovtsy who have been going to the House of Trade Unions for four years already and do not forget about the crimes of the Ukrainian fascists. Special services search them for years. The purpose of the searches is always the same — to break the rally on May 2. Thus, in order to conduct their march in Odessa, the fascists are compelled to get help of police, special services and their own militarized formations. At the same time, they call their political opponents invaders. But who is actually the invader in Odessa?

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  1. Odessa must not have to stand alone. As of April 30, there are solidarity actions planned in 21 cities in 14 countries. We will publicize this repoirt and hopefully there will be more. Justice for the victims of May 2! Say NO to Fascism, from Charlottesviulle to Odessa!

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