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Odessa community celebrated the anniversary of the liberation of Odessa in Brooklyn

April 10, at the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Odessa from the Nazi invaders, the celebration «Odessa — the city of glory» was organized in the Davidzon Media theatrical drawing room in New York.

The celebratory program was conducted by the president of Odessa community Igor Kazacker. Guests of the event were able to enjoy a concert combined with a photo exhibition and also to attend the presentation of the book «Ethnology of Odessa in the historical and modern perspectives». The author of this edition, the head of the Odessa Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, Alexander Prigarin delivered a lecture to the Americans. The book of Prigarin aroused great interest of the audience. The author was attacked with questions, comments, memories even after the 3-hour holiday program.

During the holiday, a video bridge with Odessa was organized. Its participants virtually visited the festival in their hometown. «In recent years, the tendency to deny the importance of April 10, 1944, arose in Ukraine and sharply increased. There is a substitution of concepts. It is suggested not to celebrate April 10 as the Day of Liberation of Odessa from the Nazi invaders, but to consider it the date of «occupation by Soviet troops.» This opinion is actively promoted through social media and official Ukrainian media. On this festive day tens of thousands of people from Odessa lay flowers to the memorials of the city. At the same time, provocations of radical nationalists are taking place here,» the Odessa community of New York said.

Another event of the holiday was the photo exhibition «Odessa in April 1944 and 2018». It was prepared by the Odessa photo correspondent Maxim Voitenko. The exposition included two series of photographs — photographs of the war years and photographs of 2014-2018, when there were clashes of citizens with nationalists in Odessa.

The Board of Directors of the Odessa community wished the war veterans present in the hall and each other to continue the festive tradition and celebrate the day of liberation of Odessa for many years.

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