Armenian opposition continues the protests against ex-president becoming the new Prime Minister

For 5 days in row the opposition in Armenia holds mass protests against the ex-president, Serzh Sargsyan becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

The protesters aim to close the roads around the National Assembly in order to prevent the Prime Minister elections to be held in the parliament.

The police announced that the demonstrations disturb the peace in the city and expressed their intentions and willingness to disperse the crowd. This morning 29 protesters were taken to police stations.

Yesterday, 46 people were injured during the clashes between the police and protesters. The injuries were caused by the special measures that had been taken by the police. One of the organizers of the protests, MP Nikol Pashinyan was also injured who soon recovered and returned from the hospital.

On April 17 the parliament has scheduled electing the new Prime Minister. Sargsyan’s team has a majority in the parliament. The elections result could be prospected in advance. But oppositiond disagrees. Leader of the Civil Contract Party, Nikol Pashinyan announced about starting a velvet revolution during the demonstrations which brought together thousands of people.

The opposition MP together with other protesters is walking around the city center periodically blocking government buildings and involving more people to the movement.


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