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Ukraine | Odessa massacre anniversary: struggle continues

On May 2, actions of solidarity with Odessa citizens who fought against Ukrainian fascists and died during a fire in the House of Trade Unions will be organized in many countries of the world. However, the Ukrainian fascists are going to celebrate this day differently. Several ultra-right factions will celebrate their victory on this day and march through the center of Odessa. “Right Sector”, “Svoboda”, National Squads and other less known fascist groups are among the organizers.
The organizers held a press conference. There they claimed that May 2 was “the day of establishing the Ukrainian order”, and they plan to celebrate it annually. Also at a press conference, they called May 2 “the day of the victory of Odessa”, and the massacre in the House of Trade Unions, according to the fascists, is a “lightning-fast anti-terrorist operation”. As always, the fascists shift responsibility for mass killings to their victims. So, the leader of the Odessa “Svoboda” Konstantin Vasilets believes that the inhabitants of Odessa are responsible themselves for their deaths, because they needed not to resist, but go home. The leader of the bandit grouping “Street Front” Demian Ganul said he does not consider the victims as a people and does not see any reason to mourn because of their death.

Palestine | Israel must address excessive use of force and deaths in Gaza protests – UN rights chief

With over 40 Palestinians killed and more than 5,500 injured during protests in Gaza over the past month – many by live ammunition – the top United Nations human rights official on Friday called on Israel to ensure that its security forces do not resort to use of excessive force amid the ongoing demonstrations.

Ukraine | Sniper massacre in Kiev: a new analysis

by Ivan Katchanovski

My new 3 minute-long online video appendix for the APSA Annual Meeting paper on the Maidan massacre visually reveals for the first time latent content of flying bullets, debris, and bullet casings in the well-known but misrepresented videos. It makes clearly apparent shooting from directions of Maidan-controlled locations in directions of Maidan protesters during the Maidan massacre in Kyiv in Ukraine and a massacre of Maidan protesters in Khmelnytskyi.

Ukraine | Ten countries take part in Odessa Solidarity Action

As US based Odessa Solidarity Campaign reports activists from twelve cities plan to express their solidarity with progressive forces in Odessa. May 2, 2018, will mark the fourth anniversary of the fascist massacre of scores of progressive activists at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine. Despite the continual threat of violence by local fascists, the people of Odessa will once again gather to honor their dead and demand justice. In countries across Europe and North America, vigils, protests and meetings will be held in solidarity. Odessa Solidarity Campaign has published a partial list of cities and countries there solidarity events will take place. They are planned in Ukraine, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

Pogroms against Roma camps in Kiev

On April 21, the fascist paramilitary organisation C-14 carried out a pogrom against a Roma camp in Lysa Hora in Kyiv. The families were violently removed from the camp and all their belongings burnt. The so-called ‘Municipal Guard’ of the C-14 carried out this operation as part of its collaboration with the Holosiyiv District National Police. Another example of the fact that it is not just a question of a few fascist gangs, but their close links with the state apparatus which allows them to act in complete impunity and sometimes with official cover. The head of the Kiev police, Andrei Krishchenko, said that C-14 did not burn the Roma camp on Lysa Hora, but the garbage they left and it was a ‘subbotnik’.