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Ukraine continues discrimination of national minorities

On February 28, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine declared the law «On the Basics of the State Language Policy», adopted in 2012, unconstitutional. The law guaranteed the rights of the national minorities languages ​​and was agreed with EU experts. The first attempt to abolish the law was made exactly four years ago in February 2014, when a coup d’état took place in Kiev. Then the Ukrainian parliament voted to repeal this law. This decision provoked a wave of protests in the south-east of Ukraine and became one of the reasons for the uprising in the Donbas. Frightened of the protests, the then Speaker of the Parliament Turchinov did not sign the already adopted resolution.

Now the resistance to the Kiev regime is broken, and Ukrainian nationalists act unchecked. 57 MPs appealed to the court with a demand to declare the law unconstitutional, and the court granted their petition.

Sergei Kivalov, one of the co-authors of the repealed law, that the court’s decision is political and is aimed at sowing discord between the west and east of Ukraine. «Restoration of peace and tranquility in Ukraine is not included in the plans of power. This has been long obvious to the world. And a new round of «language» problems is a vivid confirmation of that fact,” — Kivalov said in a statement.

Ukrainian nationalists rejoice. MP Leonid Yemets said that the repealed law was a Russian diversion against Ukraine, and «our opponents who disagree with the decision of the Constitutional Court on the» Kolesnichenko-Kivalov law» can only go and kill themselves with a blow against the wall.»

However, the struggle continues. By repealing one law, the Constitutional Court reanimated the language law of 1989, where Russian is considered the language of interethnic communication and is allowed to be used in all spheres of public life. Now the Ukrainian nationalists will have to abolish it too. To this end, they have already submitted several bills to the parliament.

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