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Russia is the main importer of weapons from Ukraine. The SIPRI report

Ukrainian authorities say they stopped the supply of arms by Moscow to the decision of the Council, signed by the President in August 2014.

The main importer of Ukrainian weapons in the years 2013-2017 was Russia, says the report of the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI).

As you know, in 2014, the Council has adopted a decision to ban export of weapons from Ukraine to Russia. Ukrainian politicians and experts did not agree with the findings of SIPRI.

Корреспондент.net understood, stopped Ukraine supplies of weapons to Russia.

Ukraine dropped out of the leaderboards

According to SIPRI, in the last five years, Ukraine took the 11th place among world arms exporters, providing 1.7% of total world arms exports.

In the previous five years, its share was 2.1 percent. Thus, from 2008 until 2017, the supply of weapons from Ukraine decreased by 26 percent.

Note that in the period 2012-2016 Ukraine took ninth place among the countries-exporters of weapons in the world, but in the previous five-year period and is in fourth place.

The main exporters of weapons:

Thus, according to the report, global arms sales in the period from 2013 to 2017 as a whole grew by ten percent compared to the figure for the previous five years.

The five largest arms exporters were the US, Russia, France, Germany and China. Among the leading importers were India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE.

Military exports Ukraine: who and how much

A world leader in this market is the United States: their share of almost 34 per cent of sales in the world. In comparison with the period from 2008 to 2012, Washington has increased its sales by almost a quarter.

Germany, who finished cetvrto line, showed a decline of 14 per cent, but deliveries of German weapons to the middle East increased by 109 percent.

The main importers of weapons:

Separation from the U.S. Russia was a significant 58 per cent. The Russian share of global sales decreased by 7.1 percent to 22 percent. The main causes of the fall of Russia became the falling prices for oil and gas, European and us sanctions.

Helped Ukraine. What about the breakthrough of the Russian Federation Putin said

In delkada also said that Russia supplied the separatists in the Donbass tanks, armored vehicles and anti-tank systems. It is emphasized that due to the lack of reliable sources of information accurate assessment about the supply of weapons to give it is impossible.

Ukraine Russia sells weapons?

In the report, SIPRI says that the main buyer of Ukrainian weapons was Russia, which bought 23 percent of all arms exports, Ukraine. In second place is China, followed by Thailand.

A year ago, the Stockholm Institute released a report stating that Russia is also the largest assets importaron arms of Ukraine.

Then it was reported that in 2016 Ukraine exported to Russia of military goods to the amount of 169 million dollars, which is 72 percent more than during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

Then the state concern Ukroboronprom stated that information about the supply of Ukrainian weapons to Russia is not valid.

«We do not conduct trade with the aggressor… the company controls the that no the nut did not get to the enemy. It is possible that other defense plants that are not part of Ukroboronprom, continue to cooperate with Russia in circumvention of the legislation of Ukraine», — said in the state.

Ukraine favorites. Arms exhibition IDEX-2017

In turn, the state service of export control, said that «Ukrainian enterprises was not given any permission to export goods to the Russian users».

We will remind, by the decree of the President of Ukraine of 27 August 2014 were put into effect the NSDC decision «On measures concerning improvement of the state military-technical policy».

This document Ukraine had prohibited the export to Russia of military goods and dual-use.

After the publication of the latest report of the Secretary of the Committee on national security and defence Ivan Vinnik commentary channel 112 Ukraine said that from may 2014, Ukraine did not put any component of the weapon.

«I just had a working meeting with the head of export control Service of Ukraine in connection with this information and resonance, and once again I can confirm that from may 2014 no component of weapons in Russia have not been delivered from Ukraine», — he noted.

Winged and strategic. The new missiles of Ukraine

The Ukrainian service of DW asked for comment by SIPRI. They explained that we are talking about the supply of engines for Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 and frigates, as well as for planes an-140 and An-178.

«Aircraft Antonov producing in Russia under license. Russian manufacturer still pays the license fee, which means the existence of a contract, TORGOVLI,» said the Institute.

As for the details for the Yak-130 and frigates, ordering them is dated 2014 or early 2015. In metodologii SIPRI year of delivery is considered to be the year in which Russia’s Armed forces received the finished product.

So, one frigate launched in 2016, two in 2017. While the other three frigates of the project have frozen from-for absence of the Ukrainian engines. The other two unfinished ships bought India, which acquired the Ukrainian engines to complete the project.


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