McDonald’s becomes feminist too

by Fausto Giudice

McDonald’s, the global junk food chain, on this March 8, has flipped its logo upside down, turning its «M» into a «W» for Women, featuring as one of its stars Patricia Williams, a successful black woman, who owns 18 franchises of the burger brand. By targeting black single mothers, McDonald’s strikes at the core : they are probably its best clients in the US. As they are the ones most affected by the scourge of hamburger eating: obesity. And no new sauce will change it. The feminization of capitalist horror is now a growing trend, from the G20, which created the W20, to the WTO, which created «She trades», the global network of women entrepreneurs, through various multinational brands, such as Microsoft and Apple, very present in the latest gay prides. All that remains to be done for the CIA and NATO is to follow suit, becoming WIA and WATO. We’re living fascinating times.


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