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DPR Says Ukraine Forces Tortured and Killed Prisoner of War

The spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin told in his everyday reports, a week ago the Ukrainian command destabilized the situation on the contact line again. 15 fighters from the 36th Marine Brigade under the cover of mortar fire made an attempt to take Donetsk republic’s positions on the contact line in the vicinity of the settlement October. As a result of the clash, one of DPR defenders was wounded, another — Toropkin Evgeny Igorevich, was taken prisoner.

Recently, DPR received information about the intentions of the command of the Ukrainian enemy to throw several sabotage groups from the nationalist regiment «Azov» in the region of Novoazovsk to carry out provocations on the line of demarcation. The Ukrainian militants needed to capture of enemy soldiers in order to obtain reconnaissance data on the composition and position of troops. This is widely used in the practice of armed conflicts.

Basurin told DPR command knew for sure that Yevgeny Toropkin was captured alive. However, fears for his life seriously increased after the statement of the propagandists of the headquarters of the so-called «Anti-terrorist operation». It was said that three of DPR servicemen tried to attack the Ukrainian positions, after which one of them was killed. This false version was invented and agreed by the Ukrainian occupation command, and the propagandists did not even bother to disclose the date of the fictitious event.

“We managed to return the body of Eugene Toropkin with the help of people. As a result of the forensic examination it was established that he did not die by his own death. It was a real murder. But before killing Eugene, the Ukrainian militants applied physical force and torture him.

The murder of a man for militants from the 36th Marine Brigade becomes an ordinary occurrence. As an example, the shooting of two Marines by four of their colleagues in the area Shirokino February 14. In this case, militants from the «elite of the armed forces of Ukraine» went further and before killing a man they brutally tortured him.

After the crime was committed the killers loaded Yevgeny’s body into a car, drove him to Mariupol and threw him outside the building of the district department of internal affairs. We learned about this from the words of an eyewitness who observed this barbarism.”

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