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Brazil: Lula da Silva’s Habeas Corpus Appeal Postponed

Brazil’s Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) has postponed former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva‘s habeas corpus appeal until Mar. 6. The hearing was initially scheduled for today, ten days after Lula’s defense team submitted documents related to the proceedings to the court.

During an interview with the Folha de Sao Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper, Lula said he is “unafraid” of the ruling and that his “conscious is calm.»

He added: «Do you know what I am terrified of? If these guys (investigators) can show my great-granddaughter, who celebrated her first birthday on Sunday, that her great-grandfather stole a single Real (Brazil’s currency). That would kill me.”

The uncontested leader in all presidential polls noted that if he believed the justice system wouldn’t “reverse the crime” committed against him by judge Sergio Moro and the Fourth Regional Federal Court, or TRF-4, there would be no need for him “continue in politics.”

He reiterated that he’s “preparing himself” for October’s presidential election saying: “I’m going to stay here. This is where I was born; this is where I belong. The only thing I’m afraid of is betraying my people.”

Late last month three TRF-4 judges unanimously upheld Lula’s 2017 conviction by Moro who alleged that the former president was guilty of corruption and money laundering.

Last week, Lula launched his pre-candidacy for this year’s presidential election during an event hosted at Expominas in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Speaking to the crowd on Wednesday, he said that his “torturers,” in reference to judges, the corporate media and others who have pursued him on alleged corruption charges, can arrest “my flesh, but my ideas will carry on free. They will not detain our dreams.”


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