Daily Archives: March 3, 2018

USA | West Virginia Teachers Point the Way Forward!

West Virginia teachers are showing what real union power can do, even in a right-to-work (for less) state.

As we go to press (March 1), teachers in all 55 counties of West Virginia are still on strike. They took strike votes on February 28 and vowed to continue the strike indefinitely until their demands are met. It is the first statewide teachers’ strike in five decades.

China | US officials call in question a market-oriented economy in China. China expressed grave concerns

By Zhong Nan and Ren Xiaojin

China expressed grave concerns about the Office of the United States Trade Representative accusing China, in a trade policy document earlier this week, of adopting “hostile policies” in trade activities, according to the Ministry of Commerce and analysts in Beijing.

Ukraine | The right to kill fellow citizens

by Andriy Manchuk
The Ordzhonikidzevsky district court of Mariupol sentenced a soldier of the “Azov” regiment, who right in the street, in the center of the city, stabbed a local resident who came into conflict with him over his political views. According to the “Azovеts”, the victim provoked him to kill – the deceased Mariupolite allegedly insulted the soldier and grabbed him by the clothes, for which he cut his throat with a knife.