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‘Red terror’ in Italy

A far-right leader was bound and beaten by left-wing extremists in Italy the British Independent reports.

Massimo Ursino, a prominent member of the anti-immigration Forza Nuova group, was attacked in Palermo and required hospital treatment.

His balaclava-clad assailants bound his hands and feet with parcel tape, The Local reported, and the beating left him with head and facial injuries.

They pounced as Mr Ursino left a supermarket in central Palermo, in Sicily.

An anonymous claim of responsibility said the attack was «a demonstration of the fact that in Palermo there are people who have no fear of fighting fascism».

On its Facebook page Forza Nuova said it was «attempted murder». The group’s national head, Roberto Fiore, accused the attackers of a «hate campaign».

The assault came in the run-up to Italy’s general election in March. Nasty and sometimes violent incidents have been reported nearly daily in the run-up to the vote.

Early on Wednesday, residents in a Rome neighbourhood discovered two swastikas and «death to cops» scrawled in black paint on a monument honouring five police bodyguards who were slain on that block by Red Brigades terrorists during the March 1978 abduction of former Premier Aldo Moro. Mr Moro was later slain by his captors.

Residents covered the graffiti with bed sheets until it could be erased. The memorial’s plaque had been temporarily removed for cleaning ahead of the 40th anniversary of the policemen’s killing.

Meanwhile Interior Minister Marco Minniti warned on Wednesday that Italian organised crime syndicates could try to influence the results of the 4 March vote and presented violance before elections as a part of the Mafia plan.


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