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New Maidan Massacre Bombshell

by Ivan Katchanovski

Another Maidan massacre bombshell: In a documentary broadcast by an Israeli TV channel, two more Georgians stated that they had orders to shoot both police and protesters in order to continue Maidan protests and overthrow the Yanukovych government. They gave similar testimonies to testimonies provided by three other Georgians to the Italian, Macedonian and Israeli TV, Russian media, and Berkut lawyers about involvement of two Maidan leaders from then the Fatherland Party, who became senior government leaders (Parubii and Pashynsky), and Saakashvili’s military adviser in the Maidan massacre. Parubii, who currently heads the Ukrainian parliament, was also previously a leader of the neo-Nazi Social National Party, which later became Svoboda, and its paramilitary wing, called Patriot of Ukraine, which became a part of the Right Sector during the Maidan. These two Georgians also gave similar testimony about the involvement of an ex-US military sniper and Parasiuk in this mass killing and that Saakashvili attended one of their meetings. They stated that they were based in the Hotel Ukraina and the Music Conservatory and saw there about two dozen snipers, in particular, from Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia.

Like the other Georgians before them, these two Georgians provided their names, dates of birth, and other personal information, photos, and documents which can be easy to verify. The documentary showed plane tickets from Tbilisi to Kyiv during the Maidan. Photos show these Georgians, respectively, as a major in a Georgian Army in Georgia, Iraq, and Afghanistan and a member of a personal guard of then President Gamsakhurdia near him. They stated that gave their interviews and fled to Armenia because of fear for their lives after at least six their Georgian associates, whom they named, were already killed in Ukraine in strange circumstances. Two of these killed Georgians served in the neo-Nazi Patriot of Ukraine Azov regiment of the National Guard. Two other were in the Aidar battalion, which was organized on the basic of the Maidan Self-Defense which was headed by Parubii. The fifth Georgian was an instructor of a Right Sector unit, and he «drown» during swimming. A previous testimony by another Georgian reported that the sixth associate, who was shooting from the Music Conservatory, was found shortly after the Maidan massacre with his head smashed.

One of the two Georgians interviewed in the Israeli documentary also stated that he stayed in Ukraine after the Maidan massacre to get his promised payment and that he participated in provocations in Odesa that resulted in the massacre there and that this Parubii commanded this operation. While my studies of the Maidan and Odesa massacres do not deal with involvement of specific politicians and direct perpetrators, these testimonies are generally consistent with findings of my studies concerning both these crucial cases of mass killings in Ukraine.


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