Montenegro Police Seek to Identify US Embassy Attacker

Montenegrin media reported that a 42-year-old war veteran from the capital Podgorica carried out Wednesday’s grenade attack on the US embassy, although police have yet to confirm this.

Local media on Thursday named the alleged attacker as Dalibor Jaukovic from Podgorica, a war veteran who fought with Yugoslav Army forces in Kosovo in 1999, citing unnamed police sources and Jaukovic’s family.

The attacker blew himself up with a second explosive device after throwing the grenade at the US embassy compound in Podgorica, police have said. His motives remain unknown.

Earlier on Thursday, police said they were «working intensively» to identify the attacker.

“The prosecutor is directing the police investigation and the [process of] identification,” the government said on Twitter.

The embassy was closed at the time of the attack and local media reported that no one else was hurt and that there was no significant damage to the compound.


Editor’s note: While Montenegrins traditionally opposed NATO membership, this small Balkan country was admitted as a member of the military block. Now NATO powers pay for lack of democracy standards in their Balkan politics and disregard to public opinion in Montenegro.

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  2. Editores:

    Thanks for sharing information I would like to visit this city

  3. Bhagat:

    Dok se svuda na progresivnom Zapadu ukidaju uniforme, Balkan u Nisu ostaje primitivni Balkan! Ironija je da se bas “Vodja” pojavio u osnovnoj skoli koja se zove Radoje Domanović!

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