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Military prosecutor of Ukraine makes unexpected statement

After the coup in 2014, the propagandists of the new Ukrainian government constantly declare Ukraine has been subjected to Russian aggression and tell of the myriad concentrations of Russian servicemen and military equipment in the Donbas. On February 20, these allegations were once again disproved.
11 Russian citizens were detained by Ukrainian special services for taking part in military operations against government forces in the last four years — the main military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios informed on the air of the TV channel «112».

Opposition Ukrainian media recalls that only during the last large exchange of prisoners, official Kiev transferred to Donetsk and Lugansk republics 233 Ukrainian citizens who had taken part in the war against government forces and had been taken prisoner. In total, during the war, the number of prisoners or detainees under different circumstances from each side is measured by thousands of people. The total number of opposing armed groups at the peak of the conflict, according to some sources, could reach 200 thousand people. Thus, the statistics of the military prosecutor’s office refutes the myth of the Russian invasion of the territory of the Donbas. The number of Russian citizens fighting there is insignificant compared to the total number of Ukrainian citizens involved in the conflict on both sides.

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