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UK | National Day of Action for Ukraine in Britain

National Day of Action for Ukraine: No to Fascism! Solidarity with the Communists!
The Young Communist League has called a national day of action on 10 February 2018 in solidarity with the Communist Party and Komsomol of Ukraine against state oppression and the rehabilitation of fascism.

Stock market crash: 1987, 2007 or 1937?

by Michael Roberts

Yesterday, the US stock market fell by the most in one day since mid-2007, just before the credit crunch, the banking crash and the start of the Great Recession.

The My Lai Massacre: fifty years later

by Howard Lisnoff

Nineteen sixty-eight was an earth-shattering year! Revolution was in the air all across the globe from nations in Europe to Mexico, the U.S., and beyond. Living in revolutionary times was exhilarating, especially when seen against the backdrop of the fascistic systems of government and politics that have grown across the world today.