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US expert threats Ukraine with new ‘colour revolution’

Diane Francis a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center has written an article with slightly hidden threats to Ukrainian president Poroshenko. If he doesn’t change his policy a new Maidan will take place. Maidan is a traditional Ukrainian name for mass street protests against ruling elite. Previous Maidans led to reactionary coups and took to power more and more corrupted nationalist politicians. But Diane Francis doesn’t mention extreme rightists in power, but is able to see corruption: “Unfortunately, 2018 is starting to shape up like 2013. President Petro Poroshenko consolidates his power by foot dragging on reforms promised to Western donors, then by harassing opponents. Like the Yanukovych era, there is no rule of law, no parliamentary accountability, and no effective pursuit of corrupt officials or even of Yanukovych who stole billions. Conditions resemble those that led to the 2004 and 2014 “street” revolutions”.

Traditionally she accuses Russia of that unhappy result. “But if Ukrainians must take to the streets again, it will be different this time”, — Diane Francis believes. She has found two reasons for her optimistic conclusion. “…Military conscription, and Western funds, have created one of Europe’s biggest military forces, with 204,000 soldiers (slightly fewer than France’s), 46,000 support staff plus paramilitary forces or 53,000 border guards, and 60,000 in the National Guard. … In other words, it’s different this time because Ukraine is armed to the teeth. The country is full of patriotic veterans… in addition to its powerful, conscription army. This … underpins any future street revolution should the current regime refuse to fully reform the country before the 2019 elections.”

The second reason is a tight Western control over presumable leaders of a new protest: “Ukraine has developed stronger financial institutions, important Western allies and expertise, and an “infrastructure of governance,” consisting of hundreds of honest parliamentarians, executives, financiers, lawyers, activists, international donors and benefactors, and political leaders. Some meet informally already, like a private Kyiv group of 200 technocrats, who could immediately execute a peaceful and credible transition.”

So, if Poroshenko manages to be clever a peaceful transition of power to another Western puppet would be at schedule. If Poroshenko is stupid a ‘street revolution’ lead by paramilitaries goes ahead.


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