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Polish Sejm adopted law banning Bandera ideology

On Friday, Jan. 26, the Sejm of Poland has adopted the amendment to the law on the Institute of National Remembrance, which bans the Bandera ideology, as Do Rzeczy reports.

The amendment was proposed by Kukiz’15 political party. 279 of 414 MPs voted in favour. The amendment will mean establishing the Ukrainian nationalists and organizations that had cooperated with Nazi Germany, and the possibility of starting criminal proceedings against individuals who deny these crimes (based on Article 55 of the law on the Institute of National Remembrance).

This way, denying the crimes of Banderites may result in a fine or 3-year imprisonment.

This amendment was proposed by Kukiz’15 over a year ago but was frozen for a while. The MPs were supposed to hear it in Nov. 2017, but it was taken off the agenda at the last moment. Then, the country didn’t want to increase the tension in Ukrainian-Polish relations.

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